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Google Search Console:

Google Search Consoleis a free web services provided by Google that allows website owners,webmasters,and digital marketers to monitor and manage how their website appears in Google website,helping you optimize your site for better search performance.Here are some key features and benefits of Google Search Console.

1.Performance Reort: Get data on how your website performs in Google Search,including clicks,impression,click-through rate(CTR)and average position for various search queries.

2.Index Coverage Report: Monitor the indexing status of your website's pages.This report shows which pages are indexed,which have issues,and which are excluded from search results.

3.URL Inspection Tool: Check the current status of individual URLs on your website.This tool provides information about how Googlebot crawls and indexes specific pages.

4.Sitemap Submission: Submit your website's sitemap to google to ensure that all your important pages are crawled and indexed properly.

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5.Mobile Usability Report: Learn if your website is mobile-friendly and identify any mobile usability issues that could impact search rankings.

6.Rich Results and Structured Data Testing: Check how your site appears in rich search results(like recipes,reviews,events)and test structured data markup for improved presentation.

7.AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)Reports: If you have AMP pages,monitor their performance and identify any issues that might affect their visibility.

8.Security Issues: Receive alerts if Google detects security issues or malware on your site,helping you keep your website >safe for visitor.

9.Manual Actions: If your site violates Google's quality guidelines,you'll receive notifications about manual actions taken by Google.

10.Links to Your Site: See which websites link to your site and assess the quality and relevance of these links.

11.Search Appearance: Understand how your site's appearance changes in search results for different search queries.

12.Crawl Stats: View information about how Googlebot crawls your site,including how often it visits,what pages its's crawling,and any crawl errors.

13.International Targeting: Specify your target audience by country,which can help Google display the appropriate language or regional version of your content.